Cathedral and Churches and Abbeys, oh my.

Something I’ve always loved along with the architecture design and use of space are the stain glass windows. It’s one of my favorite part of cathedrals and churches. This trip I’ve been lucky enough to pop into a handful of the religious buildings. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this trip, but it would have to be between Salisbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. I was able to pop into Saint Martin in the Fields, and I was fortunate enough to attend a prayer service and mass at Westminster Cathedral. All very different and unique churches designed with all different mediums too.


One thought on “Cathedral and Churches and Abbeys, oh my.

  1. I too also love churches and cathedrals. These really started my love towards architecture. Ever since I was little I always so fascinated on how well they detailed the church. My favorite cathedral was Saint Paul’s. This cathedral’s craftsmanship was elegant and the building was huge. How did people even accomplish something like that? Even on the inside no corner was left bare. There was designs on ever wall, paints in between, and boarded with a gold-leaf trimming. It was truly a spectacular sight.

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