Visiting Allies

Yesterday we got to visit allies and Morrison, an architecture firm in London. Visiting architecture firms is always a treat but this one was fantastic. There were countless models of all of their projects scattered throughout the building. The models were of an insanely high quality. We also got to see the studios in which the designing took place. The neatest thing was the building in which they worked. They designed their own firm and so it look incredible from both the inside and out. I really enjoyed this visit and felt like it taught quite a bit.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Allies

  1. I agree this was such an amazing experience!!! We were so lucky to get a chance to do this while abroad and I thought it really befitted us to see their work, models, and their building and compare it to the work we do in studio and the way our studio spaces compare to theirs! I wish we had more time here to ask more specific questions while we were walking through their office- but it was difficult because the visit was in the middle of their workday so we had to be quiet! This was good though too because we got to see the way the employees interact on an everyday basis! I fell in love with the design of the office and the varied spaces they created for collaboration.

  2. I went to SOM with Troy, but I had a similarly awesome experience. I didn’t think I would get much out of it considersing my major is nowhere in the realm of architecture. I knew coming in that there would be things that were just not going to be applicable – I am learning so much about architecture and an very excited for that, but this is a little different. But I actually thoroughly enjoyed the visit. The guide went over a brief history of the area and the building we were in, I got to look at all of the pretty models they had sitting out, and just seeing how architecture actually work (it’s very different from my mental image of a group of people with rules and pens huddled together drawing) was really interesting. I’m glad to have had the experience.

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