Under construction

When I went up to the top of St. Paul’s, I thought it might be better not to have construction facilities. It seemed to ruin the beautiful skyline of London. Today, however, I felt this could show us an impression on London that it is still developing itself in a positive way. They don’t see much construction in some of the major cities any more in the States. It is beautiful to see the skyline without construction facilities, but it also implies that they are not improving anymore. I wonder when they will finish the construction in London, but I expect the moment I will visit this city again.


One thought on “Under construction

  1. I think construction is very common in big cities. I lived in shanghai and construction never stopped there either. Having more skyscrapers would provide lots of economy benefits while it creates job opportunities and attracts investments from all over the world. Of course a city without cranes would look neater and more completed, but I think these constructions are necessary to the development of the city. Years ago when people climbed up to St.Paul’s dome, what they saw was probably not even close to what we see now. Don’t get me wrong I believe the old London is just as beautiful, but it was all the contemporary buildings that made the city so unique and stunned me when I was at the top of St.Paul’s.

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