Tube adventures

The tube is a great method of transportation. Subways are ideal because they are underground and don’t have to deal with any of the traffic from above ground. They also don’t have to be bogged down by the actual design of the city and can directly link all of the most popular and central spots. Perhaps the most interesting part of the tube is the culture around it. London had a very unique subway ettiquette. The ettiquette allows for it to be incredibly efficient. It truly is an important part of the city which just lies underground. I definitely envy London for having the tube while in Columbus we just have the COTA bus system which pales in comparison.

2 thoughts on “Tube adventures

  1. I definitely agree that the tube adds efficiency and convince to the hustle of London! It is interesting how London organizes the movement of people a little more strictly than we do in America- for example how people take queues more seriously and also keep right on the escalators for people to walk by on the left much more than we ever do. I also agree with the culture factor of the tube that you mentioned and how interesting it is to see/hear all of the diversity and different languages spoken while your on your ride. It is truly mind blowing how many different types of people the city of London attracts, and the tube allows us to observe/experience this!

  2. I have a lot experience with the DC metro system. The only thing that is better about that system is that it runs till 3:30 on the weekends. Other than that The Tube here and London is much better. In DC the metro does not come as frequently as the tube. Many times the DC metro had break downs and you wasted hours standing in the middle of a bunch of smelly people. Also the stations here in London are much nicer. There are pubs and caf├ęs surrounding the train stops. In DC a bunch of the metro stops where surrounded by parking garages and parking lots. I always wished there were food vendors at the stops. The DC metro had a lot of broken escalators and was not handicap accessible at some stops. I did not enjoy riding the DC metro. The London Tube was much better.

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