The beauty at Kew Gardens



Kew Garden was a beautiful picturesque garden with not a flower out of place. The Palm House being a highlight of the pond through the front door (the north axis) and out the back doors (the south axis) creates a linear axis that cuts thorough the landscape to create the continuous view.

The buildings that are placed throughout the park look as if they are completely randomly placed, though each one is set to create and experience a specific view.

The tree canopies were an interesting experience. The bridge way doesn’t show much of a view other than right into the trees. The project is a nice thought, but if you’re afraid of heights I wouldn’t recommend.

The Flowers were a beautiful sight to see. It is something we haven’t had in Ohio yet this year.

One thought on “The beauty at Kew Gardens

  1. I totally agree with you on the axial relation observation. There could be more axes in the design though. My understanding of Kew Gardens is that it is a combination of multiple styles with a more or less similar strategy that highlights buildings and views which is used in Stourhead. Except Stourhead is much more natural and Kew Gardens are very organized and controlled. With that being said, the garden has many axes happening that guide views from one direction to the other. Obviously the French infinite axis that is used for Pagoda is a great high light. However there are ones that direct to the palm house or to Pagoda from the other corner too. Anyway, I’m starting to lose my topic…….

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