Tight schedule!

Wow, today was an extremely tight day.  There was not much time to do to much today.  Our tour at Westminster Abbey started off with a ten minute sketch but felt more like three.  After the tour we had to do another sketch and go find something to eat.  Without missing the boat ride.  Greenwich was just the same.  The places we visited all had a max time of ten minutes.  Then we had to hurry to the firm my group went to which was SOM.  After which we hurried to our pub to get supper.  The night finished with Shelby and I running to Adidas to buy some soccer items and rushing back so he did not miss the this to Bedzed.  What a day !

One thought on “Tight schedule!

  1. Today was so busy, but definitely packed with great things. Westminster cathedral was beautiful, and, while it would have been nice to have more time to explore, the tour guide (at least the one I had) was amazing and extremely knowledgeable. He had the dry British sense of humor, so that was awesome as well. I would not have traded a second of that. It surprised me sometimes that the days that seem the busiest on first glance seem to fit fine (the first day seeing a million things which could not possibly fit into one day) while the days which don’t seem so busy end up with the tightest schedules (just Westminster, Greenwich, and an office visit by 5? Not bad… oh never mind…).

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