The Shard

The shard was unbelievable! Well worth the money. John, Jason, and I had a great time at the top of the tallest building in Europe. The view was absolutely incredible from up there. Downtown looked awesome, Tower Bridge looked fantastic, and St. Paul looked so small from up there. We were veiwing the city from the seventy second floor. It was really neat seeing the view from the London Eye earlier and then seeing from the top of The Shard. The two views were both amazing, but it was really neat getting to see the London from a birds eye view all lit up at night!132

One thought on “The Shard

  1. That was a truly unbelievable sight . Seeing the city all light up at night was really cool. Getting all the way to the top was just as fun as well. The elevator went up so fast it was incredible. It also went up a total of 68 floors and we had to climb the last 4 to 72. The top floor was awesome. Up there the tower does not connect so you are exposed to the elements and below that floor there are these cool telescopes that are the kind you have to see for yourself for you to understand. If anyone still wants to do this on their free day and has cash to burn I would say you have to do it!

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