On Tuesday night Kelsey and I went to see wicked. I’ve seen it before in 2image image010 in the very same theater! We had a pretty interesting time trying to get over there. Buses are not our friend; we ran back and forth across Bayswater Road, just trying to get on the right bus. We somehow figured it out and got the to show just in time. We ended up in our seats at 7:29, a minute before curtain. The show was just as amazing as I remember. Our Fiyero was fantastic as well too. I love that I had a chance to see my favorite musical again.

One thought on “Wicked!

  1. I agree Cara seeing the play was an awesome experience. Last night I was able to see the play wicked and I have to say, it was amazing! While we did have an interesting time actually getting to the theater, once we were there we could just sit back and enjoy the wonderful show. I really loved how the show made slight and extremely sarcastic references to the original wizard of oz movie. I thought it was interesting to also hear the actors speak with British accents! I was able to come away from wicked with a cute shirt, fun socks, and great memories and if I ever had the chance to see it again, I definitely would!

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