Masters of the Tube


Today after returning from our trip to the country, a few of us went to King’s Cross to see Platform 9 3/4. Afterwards, we split up and went to eat dinner. On our way back to the hotel, a woman stopped us in the King’s Cross tube station and asked us how to get to Marylebone Station. So we got out a map and found the station and then helped her find which stops she needed and where to transfer. It happened that we were getting on the same train, so we showed her part of the way there. One is an accomplished tourist when they can be knowledgeable enough about┬átheir place of visit┬áto give directions. Congratulations guys, that’s us.

3 thoughts on “Masters of the Tube

  1. I really hope that she made it to her destination okay but I’m kinda proud that she actually thought of us as someone that might actually know what there doing and not just another tourist. But I’m I strong believer in random acts of kindness will bring you better karma in the future! So if anyone has good karma coming their way it’s definitely you ha.

  2. But I think getting lost around the tube and having to be forced to figure it out is kind of the best way to figure the system out. The other night I got a line the apparently split and didn’t take us were we want to be but once forced to look at the map critically to figure out a way back we became more familiar with the overall system. It’s strange to think about how overwhelmed we all were on the first day to now being confident enough to give someone directions.

  3. I am amazed by how fast we learned the way around the tube. It’s easy to navigate given the clean graphics located in and around each station. At this point in the week, names of the stops are starting to become familiar. It’s amazing how we have become one of the Londoners on the tube. It has come to the point where people who block the doors, don’t move on the left, let people get out first, etc become a nuisance. I feel as if I have been using the tube my entire life. Even when the tube fills up, I feel like another londoner. If only the USA could follow suit.

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