A day out in the country

Going out to the English countryside was incredibly fun. Stonehenge was fascinating as it was one of the oldest man made structures ever. You could feel the history seeping through the rocks. After that we journeyed to stourhead which was a little disappointing as the part modeled after the pantheon was closed. The last stop was the Salisbury cathedral which was spectacular. We were able to go all the way up to the spire and see the entire town from the top. It was incredibly interesting to compare the gothic style of Salisbury cathedral with the more modern baroque style of St. Paul’s cathedral. Aside from the architecture the best part of the trip was the sheep. In Stonehenge there were sheep grazing right next door. As we drove along the countryside we saw even more of them. Those wooly little guys!

2 thoughts on “A day out in the country

  1. I was surprised by what architectural practices from what I could see from the bus and sites that we visited. The hogs were left in pasture with small enclosures located throughout portions of the pasture. This is uncommon with agricultural practices in the US as most hogs are kept in indoor barns. The main livestock that I noticed was sheep and occasionally hogs. Sheep are not as common from the area in Ohio that I come from as cattle and hogs are the main livestock kept in my area. The countryside was beautiful and it was great to be given the opportunity to see it.

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