What a 2 days it has been!

Today has been our second day in London and so far in these past two days I have seen a lot.  The best by far had to be the visit to Saint Paul’s Cathedral.  The cathedral was just beautiful.  It really stinks that pictures were not allowed because words could not describe it.  Also, the view of the city from the very top made for some excellent pictures of the city.  The second best thing has to be going to the British Museum.  The museum was full of architecture and artifacts from pretty much everywhere.  I had a blast going around and having the chance to see all of it.  So far these past two days have been great.  I cannot wait to see what the other days have to offer us.Pano of the city(50%)

One thought on “What a 2 days it has been!

  1. I agree, we have been so busy and dine so much and just three days now! I like this city! I like the tall buildings that have similar yet different architectural features. I love how most streets use mixed use development styles. I’m also fond of the mini-patios outside some restaurants. People are always around, from enjoying a cigarette outside their home to walking their corgies down the street, or even chatting with a friend on a walk.
    The pedestrian traffic bothers me sometimes because I’m not used it living I’m a big city and how everyone goes confidently (and fast) in their desired direction. On the tube I had two people around me like the bread of the sandwich and I was the meat, they both got off at the safe spot and squished me walking by. I’m definitely not used to that in Columbus, but the positives surely out way the negatives in this city.
    Ashley Hofmaster

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