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As we prepare to depart take a moment and add your first post below.  Some possible ideas to blog about could include the following… What are you most excited to see? What reservations you may have?  What you plan to do on your free day?  What you want to gain from the trip?  Is there a food/cultural experience you’re excited to try? Or any other topic you’d like to explore.  Remember, you may also add to other’s posts to start a dialog.

In addition to contributing to the site, use this first post as a means to navigate through the blog and learn how to use it.

5 thoughts on “PreDeparture Post

  1. It’s only a matter of hours now before departure! I’m almost dying of excitement. Going to London has been a longtime dream of mine, and I cannot believe that I am actually getting the chance to go.

    I’m most excited for our day of visiting Kew Gardens, going to the traditional British tea, and riding the London Eye sunset cruise. All three of those things seem so quintessentially British! Combining those all into the same day sounds absolutely fabulous. The view from the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is also something that I am looking forward to. As for some of the activities that I will do in my free time, I hope to get to experience some of the British indie music scene. So many of my favorite indie artists are British, so I am sure that I can find some awesome new musicians while I am there. Can’t wait!

  2. I am also very excited! I am beginning to get nervous again because there are so many things to consider before the trip. I have almost finished packing, which feels good. I have started my sketchbook for this trip with a map of London. I hope to use this map as a guide to get around instead of folding out my bigger one. I am looking forward to riding public transit! It will be so great to get around without my car and have new experiences on all types of transit. I am excited to visit the many gardens and the markets. I like being in nature and exploring the outdoors, but also visiting local and crafty vendors.
    Also, I think as a class we should create a hashtag! I am on Instagram and I have seen how other trips have created a hashtag to collect all the photos together (people who tweet could also use this). We could use the same thing that we have for the blog: #londonarch2014, but I am also open to other suggestions. So let me know if you have some ideas! 
    See you all in a few hours,

  3. London is just a few short hours away, and it still hasn’t really hit me! I can’t believe I have the chance to go back to this amazing city. I am really intrigued to see how my vision of London from my trip in high school compares to this trip. I am just so excited in general for the atmosphere of the city, for the buildings and the winding streets, for all of it! Hopefully I’ll see some great theater performances, Wicked especially, and get to go shopping in Harrods. My only fear is that I won’t have enough time (or money) to see it all!

  4. Less than 30 minutes till our journey begins. My bags are sitting around my room having just been packed. My mother told me of all the restaurants she recommended, and where she thinks the most authentic fish and chips is. I am a little sad there is no hope of me visiting Sheffield and Todmorden, but at least I get to visit the place my mother lived: Greenwich.
    I am looking forward to seeing all of the buildings, from the Shard to Sir John Soane’s it is all fascinating to me. I also can’t wait to see the various planning parts such as bedzed and trafalgar’s.
    See you all soon!
    utes till we depart.

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