Welcome to London!


Welcome to the London Architecture Study Abroad site!  We will utilize this site to blog about the trip, share our experiences, and reflect about London’s architecture, culture, and people.  You are encouraged to explore all possible mediums including text, photos, videos, sketches and other devices that capture your time while abroad.  Enjoy and explore!

One thought on “Welcome to London!

  1. Cheers all-
    I arrived safely and am getting ready for your arrival.
    Some last minute advice/reminders:
    Make sure you have called your phone providers (if you want to use your phone) and banks in advance. One of my banks has a delay of 2 business days for my card to work abroad.
    Since it will be a first international flight for many of you, it can get rather cold on the plane, especially if you are seated near the window. Bring layers & warm socks if you are prone to being cold. Headphones provided for free, bring your own if you are inclined. They had a great entertainment selection.
    Warm, mid fifties & sunny today-
    Excited to see you soon,

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