Welcome to LLDI!

The Latinx Leadership Development Institute (LLDI) was created in the fall of 2012 by Ohio State Alum Maria Sanchez. She created this program to enhance the educational experience of first-year Latinx students by providing them with supplementary educational, social, and cultural activities that assist in the development of a students’ leadership abilities. LLDI hosts bi-weekly meetings in which the students come together to connect and build camaraderie, while learning new skills and information which will aid them as they begin to establish their undergraduate careers. Topics covered in LLDI include but are not limited to: getting involved on campus, networking skills, communication and resume writing, do’s and don’ts of social networking, and giving back to the community. Students are introduced to resources on/off campus and individuals from a variety of career paths that share their experiences and knowledge related to the given topic. At the end of the year, the students are encourage to design their own capstone project to present to the community. In the past some projects included: community service or a college night hosted by the students at a local high school.


If interested in serving as a peer mentor please apply here or contact Lauren Lopez at lopez.233@osu.edu.