What I have learned in 1159 Module#4

Module 4 in my 1159 class has offered me many things to learn and apply in my future. I will discuss  with you today some of the things I have learned.  We all heard about being active listener before which basically means engaging, asking questions and listening careful to what the other is saying, however; most of us haven’t really paid close attention to what active reading means. Being an active reader was one of the great things that I learned recently. As being an active online reader ,I will need to be critical and understand the text I am readying by breaking it down into pieces or main points, and then highlight or underline the new or important words and definitions. Then I need to write down key words that will remind me of what I just read. Also, before moving to next chapters, I would need to summarize everything I read. In addition, asking questions is another critical method to help make me a better active reader. Now, in the future, I will start using this new technique of reading in al my assigned readings in college and I am sure it will make a huge difference in my education and it will improve me academically. Another technique I learned in this module is how to take advantage of the online study tools and resources. There are many great websites out there that offers students plenty of techniques to success in college which some of those websites are : Quizlet, Study stack, spark notes and much more. Most of those websites offer flash cards in different subjects for online learners and everyone that is seeking education in general. Finally, one of the great things I have learned was from my readying to my E-book (student Guide to academic success) chapter 1, page #3 which is knowing what it means for me to be successful. By defining success to myself I would be able to know what I need to achieve, improve and reach. Making smart goals is the key to success. It’s never too late tone successful. I believe success is always within our control. We are the ones that decide whether we want be successful or not. Taking advantage of the online resources we have out there, using them wisely and applying them to our studies will definitely lead to great success.

Communicating with your professors in a formal professional way

In the past few years of my college journey and at the beginning of each semester for each class I have, I would hear the same advice from my professors which is “How to email your professor”,however; students still make mistakes writing emails to their professors. Professor always emphasize the importance of the accurate way to email your professor because any written mistake that was caused either on purpose or by accident can itself change the way your instructor views you as a student. To be honest, some mistakes can even get you dropped from the course. So here I am today going to show  you in a few steps what to include and avoid in your email to your professor. The first and most important thing is to make sure the email address is correct, and you are sending your email to the correct recipient, also that you are using your university or college email to send from. Second you need to start with a greeting. For instance: (Good Morning Professor —–) or( Dear Professor—–). Second, you need to introduce yourself to your instructor especially if that is your first email. Introducing yourself should include mentioning the course number and meeting date and time. In addition, you need to be formal, respectful and remember that your professor isn’t your friend. You need to treat your email as a formal letter and not a text message. Third, you need to state why are you writing this email. Finally, end your email with (Thank you) and a signature of your name. Also, according to Watkin and Corry in chapter 6, in case of an emergency, you need to contact your professor immediately, but still be formal and respectful despite the situation, and make sure to include all details and proofs of a certain incident or event. Following all those steps can really help you with establishing your professional relationship with your professors. I hope this was helpful and good luck with all your studies.