5.14.2022: Our paper on “Tissue-localized immune responses in people with cystic fibrosis and respiratory nontuberculous mycobacterial infection” is published in JCI Insight.


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3/21/2022  The Liyanage Lab received a NIAID U01 award with Dr. Nicholas Funderburg and Dr.  Sahera Dirajlal-Fargo to study The role of Trained Immunity and Mitochondrial dysfunction on INnate immunity in children and adolescents aGing with PHIV (TIMING-PHIV).



3.06.2021- 3.10.2021:  CROI 2021  Science Spotlight :


2.19.2021: Dr. Rajni Kant Shukla’s abstract titled: “Role of Tonsillar immune cells during SIV infection in Rhesus macaques”  was selected to present @ Annual International Scholar Research Exposition sponsored by the Office of International Affairs and the Office of Research@ OSU.  ( He was one of the 10 selected to present a Video highlight) … Congratulations .. Rajni !!!



1.26.2021: Our group has won the best virtual poster presentation award for the poster titled ” Potential cardiometabolic risk in severe COVID-19 patients ”  @ The Ohio State University, Center for Clinical and Translational Science -Annual Scientific Meeting. Good Job all !!!! 

05.10.2019: Nicole  left the lab for the Ph.D. program @ Harvard … Congratulations …Nicole


05.10.2019: Manuja Gunasena Joined the lab Welcome …Manuja


04.10.2019: Jerra Furay joined the lab  Welcome … Jerra


03.10.2019: Tatum Skladany  joined the lab Welcome … Tatum


03.30.2019: Brianna Sisson Joined the lab Welcome …Brianna



11.19.2018: Nicole won the best poster award for Immunology at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference. Congratulations Nicole !!!!!!

11.01.2018: Nicole presented her research work at the 2018 Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival


10.29.2018: Anna  Trombetti  Joined the lab Welcome … Anna


09.17.2018: Aaron Lynch  Joined the lab Welcome … Aaron


08.30.2018: Ronaldo (Miguel) de Real  Joined the lab Welcome … Ronaldo


08.30.2018: Mike accepted to the MS program at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai  Congratulations .. Mike


06.08.2018: Anusha Srivastava  Joined the lab Welcome …  Anusha


06.02.2018: Amal Samaranayake  Joined the lab Welcome …  Amal


06.01.2018: Rajni Kant Shukla, Ph.D. Joined the lab Welcome …  Rajini


05.30.2018: Amila accepted for a Clinical Training program  Congratulations .. Amila


05.07.2018: Nicole has accepted for the Harvard Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Immunology. Congratulations ..Nicole !!!


04.03.2018: Nicole presented the first poster from the lab at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum at OSU


04.02.2018: Shalini Singh BS. (Rotating Ph.D. student: Biomedical Science Graduate program) Joined the lab. Welcome…   Shalini !!!



11.14.2017: Welcome… “Cytek Aurora” – Our new  flow cytometer

Aurora has three lasers, two scattering channels, and up to 48 fluorescence channels. We are excited to have it for high dimension flow cytometry applications.




09.01.2017: Sam Cray Joined the lab …Welcome... Sam


08.27.2017: Amila Hatharasinghe MB.BS  Joined the lab Welcome …  Amila


08.20.2017: Nicole Reinhold-Larsson Joined the lab Welcome…  Nicole


08.01.2017: Michael Duncan BS, Joined the lab. Welcome...  Mike

06.01.2017: Liyanage lab open for business