Final Blog Post

There are a lot of important thing that I have learnt from this class and I am very glad that I took this. When it comes to technology, I learnt a numerous amount of web pages and about other software that would be help through my college life as well as my future career it self. The main importance I found about web tools is the using Google to get the knowledge of your needs. Google has a wide variety of applications in its database that we do not even know. Google contains an advance search that will help us to get scholarly articles and other content and can even be searched through publish dates and domains. If you find that there is an important article but it is in a different language, you do not have to worry because Google also has an application called “Google translate” which will translate everything for you. Also, if you need to find scholarly articles from libraries, the best place to search is . It is database that contains articles of your need and show you the location and mostly it will be at libraries. If you need it, you can go to that library or ask them to send a copy. It is a very convenient web site for all the college students that work on their research papers.

After taking this class, I have been able to manage my work immensely. I learnt about how task lists and schedules are important and work according to a schedule. I always try to do my work one day before deadline and it completely have an effect on the procrastination and frustration part of the work. If something goes wrong while I am doing my work, I can make use of the personal deadline I had and use the remaining day to get my work done. Also, I learnt that it is important to make short notes so that it will become easy for your mind to grasp it. I also learnt that there are different types of people and they learn in different ways. As for myself, my mind clearly uses pictures to think and I will need to make use of graphs and images more so that it will be helpful for me to study.

The most meaningful part on this course for me was the time management modules. Personally, coming in to this class I was a bad time manager and was always behind work or either wait until last minute to do the work. However, after doing time tracking and managing quizzes, I have realized my bad qualities. I am trying my best to get rid of them and manage my time in order to finish my assignments without procrastinating at the end.

Finally, I will always try to make task lists and schedules in order to manage my work. I will try to prioritize the work in order to focus more on the work that needs the most importance. Also, I will make use of web pages such as Google and Worldcat in order to write my research papers and other documents. I would like to thank the course instructor for putting together a class that can help students to manage their time and help them with their college work.

Good luck to all the college students for their final exams!

Sachinda Liyanaarachchi

Searching and Researching Effectively

As a college student, it is necessary that you know the best way to search for documents or websites so that you can get the best for the paper you are writing. When it comes to searching for web sites the best is Google. In my opinion Google offers better pages and more pages than other search sites. Also, you can use advanced search in order to reduce the amount of pages you are looking for. You can add facets, languages, domains and other criteria that you are looking for in the page you are searching for.

When it comes to finding other documents such as scholarly articles and journals, it is good to use something like worldcat. This is a site that contains scholarly material and eBooks. Google is good to search anything. But there is less hassle when you use something like worldcat because you do not have to search through unnecessary material. Through worldcat it is easier to see the containing material of a document by just reading the abstract. If you feel the article suits your paper, you can either read it or download the file to your computer. The best thing is to add keywords and other search criteria in order to reduce the amount of documents you get. If the amount of articles you get for your search criteria is between 10-50, in my opinion, it is the best number.

Make use of advance search and scholarly article databases! Good Luck!

Sachinda Liyanaarachchi

Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

Until sometime back, I was not a person who took notes over the online. I was mainly focused over taking notes from the professors and were frustrated when they were hard to understand. Even though there was the internet facility, I did not think it will be helpful to take someone else’s notes and do exams. However, with my experience now I have realized that it is the best way to learn when you do not understand something. Web enhanced learning is very helpful. I myself is looking forward to become a computer programmer and my professors did not help me much at all. I had to turn over to podcasts and “Youtube videos” in order pass my courses.

However, when you are going to a class what you can do is, download the helpful slides that are given to you before the class and print them. If you feel like you do not understand it, it is completely okay. Go to your class and try to understand. Take notes on your slide printouts on what your professor says. If you still do not understand, that is still okay! Go over the internet and find relevant web pages or go over “Youtube” and find video that can help with your issues and make use of the vast knowledge you can gain from the web. It worked for me. It can work for you as well.

Make the best out of the web, listen and take notes! Good Luck!

Sachinda Liyanaarachchi

Java Programming Helpful Video – Methods

This video is about a part where I personally felt that I need to learn when I am writing java code. Writing java in one whole method is easy but when it comes to dividing to a number of methods, I find it is hard to figure out where to begin with and this video helps you understand how methods work types such as void and integer values.

This video helped me understand how java evaluates its answer. I did not know that it goes to the deepest parenthesis to evaluate first and then come back (watch 10:35).

Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

Using the world wide web to gain knowledge has been the biggest change in the 21st century. When I was first starting school, there were only text books in school and we had to go through them in order to gain knowledge. Being the a lazy book reader myself, it was quite tough getting through my course work from the early days. However, the world went through dramatic change which we are going through now. The schools have new computer labs, students get e-books for the course work and there are online libraries and the world wide web to gain knowledge.

Web-enhanced reading has become the next phase of online learning. When you want to learn about something you did not know, in the past you had to go to a library. But not everything is at your fingertips. All you have to do is to go to web searching page such as “Google” or “Yahoo” and type the keywords that you want and all the knowledge will be in front of you in a matter of seconds. You can search for what ever e-books you want and gain the knowledge easily without the necessity of travelling anywhere.

The web support by developers making new pages such as “Study Stack” have helped students to make flash cards easily for them to study for their courses.

A life of a college student has been made a lot easier than it was before with the birth of web tools and learning how to use them wisely is the best a college student can do.

Good Luck for the future assignments and make use of the web!

Sachinda Liyanaarachchi

Use of Technology On Doing Academic Work

Technology has developed widely through out the recent past. It was not like how it was ten to twenty years ago. Back in the day there was no “World Wide Web”. People gained knowledge through reading books and visiting libraries. But now everything is at your finger tips. Now all you have to do is learn how to use technology and you are set to learn whatever you want. This has affected school life as well. All the group meet ups that happened back in the day can now happen over the internet and at the same time work on the document you need. I am going to talk about using technology in various ways to work on college or other group assignments.

Even though E-mail is not necessarily new, people do not see the importance of it. E-mail is always good to add all the people in the group in order send information regarding the work. You can send documents through e-mail and discuss work issues without having to meet up by person. Best thing about this is that you can prove the officialism by an e-mail. Having an e-mail address from your college is proof that you belong to it. This helps when you need to talk with officials of other colleges or companies because just as they see the e-mail address, they get the interest depending on the quality of your college. So this is important to get your work done even if the other person does not know you in person.

However, the best way to work on group work right now is “Google Docs” in my opinion. This is mainly because a set of people can access the same document at once and do the editing while the other person can see the editing happen. This helps everyone to focus and work on it at the same time and design what suits them the most. Even though Google Docs does not have a lot of features, once the data is set for the project, one person can do the final touches. is the link if you want to try it out. However, you will need to have a Google e-mail account first in order to access Google Docs. To create a Gmail account, visit sign up.

Good Luck on your future group work and make use of the technology!

Sachinda Liyanaarachchi