Suzanne Bocanegra and Lili Taylor

Farmhouse/Whorehouse: An Artist Lecture by Suzanne Bocanegra Starring Lili Taylor

“An illuminating theatrical portrait of the mind of an artist at work.” —New York Times on Bocanegra’s Bodycast

Versatile film and TV actress Lili Taylor (I Shot Andy WarholSix Feet Under) stars in Farmhouse/Whorehouse, the third in a series of playful, hybrid performance works by visual artist Suzanne Bocanegra. Part artist lecture, part memoir, and part cultural essay, Farmhouse/Whorehouse looks into the lives of Bocanegra’s grandparents on their small farm in La Grange, Texas, just across the road from the infamous Chicken Ranch—better known as “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” (perhaps the only place to be immortalized by a ZZ Top song, a hit Broadway production, and a film starring Dolly Parton). Through text, song, film, and video, this engaging work will take you on a rambling journey that considers back-to-the-land hippie communes in the 1960s, the contemporary homesteading movement, the invention of the pastoral genre, and the role of the prostitute in art with abundant wit and insight.