Time, Task& Environment Management

The topic is about the personal challenges and techniques about time, task and environment management. I do meet some challenges in my learning in everyday life. I cannot find a stable time for study, and the tasks are always accumulated together because of my procrastination. My study environment is also not so ideal, which is too comfortable for me to study.

Time& Task Management

The biggest problem is procrastination. I want to introduce a method to manage time and task. The first one is ABC123 methods. This is a simple, but powerful method of managing the events.

  1. List everything you need to do on a paper.
  2. Write “A”, “B” and “C” before the events you listed. “A” means something important and urgent and you must finish it at first. “B” means something important but not so urgent. “C” means something not so important or urgent. But the value given to items will change due to the change in your life.
  3. Use 123 to show the order of things you should do in each group. Put 1 next to “A” means the task is the first thing to finish in all tasks labeled as “A”. See below.

Environment Management

Changing the study environment may be necessary to improve efficiency. We can use brainstorm, assess, experiment, reflect and adjust try to find out a better place (Globokar, 2015). For example:

  1. Brainstorm: Library on campus, café on campus, a restaurant near my apartment and my apartment are good choices.
  2. Assess: The café is also crowded, and the restaurant is not available for technology, where the Wi-Fi is not so good.
  3. Experiment: After the experiment, my apartment is also not a good choice.
  4. Reflect: When I have enough sleep, libraries are the best choice, and after I finish all the tasks in the library, I can sleep early.



Globokar, J. L. (2010). 3 Getting Organized. In Introduction to Online Learning: A Guide for Students. (pp. 29-44). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc)



Strategies of Note-taking

Note-taking is necessary for us during learning. There are several methods for us to take notes, for example, abbreviation, outline and so on. I always use abbreviations when I am taking notes when I took most of my GE courses. However, it is not so suitable for me. There are so many similar words or strange words in my major. For example, I once used ‘poli’ for ‘politics’. However, when I began learning the history of Classical Greek, I need to write ‘polis’ for city-state and ‘politika’ and ‘polics’ for ‘politics’, not to mention some strange names from Greek, USSR, India or some other countries speaking other languages. Those words appear a lot in my notes. The only thing I can do is to write the whole words. Therefore, the strategies of note-taking should be adjusted according to different situations.

Here is an article about some methods of taking notes detailedly, including the Cornell method, the mapping method,  the outlining method, and two methods we do not mention in the course reading, the charting method, and the sentence method.

Here is the link:

How To Take Study Notes: 5 Effective Note Taking Methods


Technologies and Resources of Learning Online

Learning online is a good way for a student to study at their own pace. For me, as an international student who majored in history and minor in comparative studies, I need to follow my professors and discuss a lot during my study. However, sometimes it is a little bit hard because I am not good at expressing myself. By studying online, I can restudy what professors teach again and again and then express myself better by typing what I want to say in the discussion, which is one of the differences between online learning and face-to-face learning. Also, I can study in the way I love, the time I loved and the place I like. Besides, there are also some technologies and recourses to help me study online better.

1. For the students who need to write a lot of papers, OSU Library is the most necessary resource to find out sources for students who want to write papers at home. In the library, students can not only find materials in the OSU library but also find sources in libraries all over the world. Some e-books and journals are also available to read online or download free when signing in the website with the OSU account.

Here is the link:

2. The online writing Center is good for students to improve their writing skills, especially those who seldom write academic papers before. Students can get suggestions from tutors through the methods of “online” (real-time, live chat with audio/video options) and eTutoring (asynchronous, paper drop-off). You can gain suggestions without going to the writing center.

Here is the link:

3.Oneclass and Quizlet are websites to gain more learning materials. By reading the materials shared by others, students can check how they know the degree of the control of knowledge they learned. The materials on Oneclass is more official, which is always the materials from professors. The materials on Quizlet is various. Students can check the knowledge in several methods from different lists for one course.

Here are the links: