EARTHSC 5656: Ecohydrology (Spring 2022, 2024)

Physical and ecological processes of plant-water interaction. Principles of water transport in the soil-plant system, plant drought response, and feedbacks of plants on energy-water-carbon cycles, with examples from observational studies and ecohydrological models.

EARTHSC 5641 Geostatistics (Fall 2022, 2023, 2024)

Fundamentals of statistical inference, including probability theory, hypothesis testing, linear model, variable importance, and spatial-temporal analyses, with application examples in Earth and environmental science.

ENR 5194 Plant Water Interactions (Spring 2023)

Plant-water interactions that shape the water cycle and vegetation dynamics. Specific topics include evapotranspiration, plant water uptake and transport, plant water use efficiency, drought response of both agricultural and natural ecosystems, and vegetation feedbacks on the atmosphere and carbon budget.