Undergraduate and Masters students

If you are an undergraduate or MS student at Ohio State interested in gaining research experience on plant-water interaction in the earth system, please email me at liu.9367@osu.edu. We can talk about several project options and identify one that interests you.

Prospective Ph.D. students

If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in our group, please email me your CV and explain your research interest before applying to the program. The application deadline is in December. Students with a strong quantitative background are especially encouraged to apply. Experience in one or more of the following is preferred: hydrological/ecological modeling, statistics or machine learning of large datasets, and cluster-based computing. A successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on one of the following research directions, with flexibility based on mutual interest:

  • Regulation of plant hydraulics on land-atmosphere interaction;
  • Hydroclimatic controls on forest resilience and drought-induced mortality;
  • Impact of vegetation dynamics on hydrological processes and water resources;
  • Vegetation change in the boreal-arctic region under warming and its global impact.

Before or during their tenure at Ohio State, students are encouraged to apply for university and national fellowships.