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This photo was taken by my friend while we travel to Sichuan Province of China.


My Chinese name is Kexuan Liu,  and my English name is Jerry Liu. I live in Gaomi, Weifang, Shandong Province, a small city located in northeast of China. Even though the city is small, it is the most special place to me, since it records my precious memories about how I grow up from a naughty kid to a mature lad. I have a broad range of hobbies, reading books can release my anxiety and make me totally relax, doing exercises in the gym can help me arm myself physically, watching movies and travelling to different places can help me see a bigger world. Since life is limited and the world is so beautiful, I choose to be on the journey all the time in different ways.



I took my high school in Qingdao, a beautiful city located on the seashore of Shandong Province in China. Since that was my first time to attend a school in another city, everything was new and strange to me. and that made me very nervous at the beginning. After that, I forced myself to step out the comfort zone; I participated in as many school events and clubs as I can, and finally I made a lot of good friends. We took care of each other and hang out together on a daily base.  After 4 years high school life, I finally have a sense of belonging to this city, and that is because of them.

We took this photo in an amusement Park.


Why OSU & Plan for future:

When I heard about OSU several years ago for the first time, I didn’t pay much attention. However, this condition changed about 1 year age. When I was doing my school research, I noticed this university. Its student size and free academic atmosphere really catch my eyeball. So I decided to apply for it, and finally I became a member of buckeye family. As I mentioned before, the reason I choose OSU is because its social environment and unlimited possibilities; what I plan to do in my university life are getting to know more people, try new things I haven’t tried, accumulate different experiences, as well as maintain a good grade. I believe with those resources, I could perform better on my journey of life.


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  1. I quite agree with you that “Since life is limited and the world is so beautiful, I choose to be on the journey all the time in different ways.” When I was young, my favorite thing was immersed in the world of film. This is precisely because I often feel that everything around me is a little empty and boring, so I hope to learn about countless different worlds through movies. For example, when we see biographical movies, we feel as if we have gone through the hero’s life, and we are sad and happy with him. When we see suspense movies, we have experienced a difficult situation in our life and experienced the unique mood at that time. There are limits to our lives, but movies make us complete. Hope to see you at school! We can watch Movies together.

  2. Hi, Kexuan! I also have the same experience: left my city and went to other cities to study. In the new city, I didn’t adapt to many aspects: climate, food, and even the language(dialect). However, after a period of adaptation, I made a lot of friends and gradually adapted to the local life. I believe this kind of experience is excellent because it help us to improve our ability to adapt and make us more outgoing.

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