Photo reflection


According to my answers, there are two types of works fit me more. The one is product marketing director and another one is director of applications. Actually, this is the first time I know about these jobs, but I think I fall in love with them. Here are some date that I know.


Product Marketing Director

This job is very difficult to reach a high level, because people have 15 years of median years of experience. Almost 52 percents MBA and 37 percents bachelor. But the salary is quite high for each one, it can reach 148100 dollars, and there are three advantage, high job satisfaction, low job stress and high job meaning. Also, male number in this area is bigger than female. That is a good news for me.


In this job, director need to in charge of the whole sales department, the sales director is an executor and a decision maker, which can fully reflect the marketing leadership and quick response ability of the sales director. To be a good director, people should have their own unique views on the development strategy and brand planning of the company, especially on the basis of full communication with the boss of the company, so as to maintain a high degree of consistency in market concept and management method. It should be said that since the sales director is often in the market, they has a keen sense and unique views on product positioning, opportunity innovation and promotion, which are exactly the specific performance of formulating business, policies, clarifying marketing strategies and implementing team management.



This image show us what the job daily life.


Director of Application

As the same as the first one, this job is quite difficult,too and with the high pay. National median pay is 139100 dollars for each year. There are 70 percents of high job satisfaction, 17 percents of low job stress and 39 percents of high job meaning. 77 percents are male and 23 percents are female, in all the people, there are 21 percents MBA and 57 percents bachelor.


As far as I am concerned, this job is hiring manager. So hiring managers are required to have rich experience in recruitment, not only having rich practical experience in talent discovery and introduction, organization and personnel adjustment, and career design of employees, but also having skilled handing skills in human resource affairs, and being familiar with the recruitment process and various recruitment channels. There are some tips that I think director should do: according to the existing establishment and business development needs, coordinate and statistic the recruitment needs of each department, and prepare the annual recruitment plan, the second one is establishing and improving the company’s recruitment process and recruitment system, the third one is using various recruitment channels to post recruitment advertisements and seek recruitment agencies, the last one is carrying out recruitment, selection, interview, and placement.


This is Jun Lei, the CEO of Xiaomi. He always has good speech to sell the smart phone,he gets good results every time.

For now, I live in Tianjin in China with my big family. There are 20 people in my family and three dogs. So, in my daily life, there are lot of things can make me relax such as walking the dogs, playing with my sister and younger brother. When I am alone, somethings I play basketball or play video games, both are my interests. And now, I am preparing for my work so that I can quickly adapt to the new learning environment and make sure I will not be left behind by peers in the new university. Fortunately, everything in my life is going well.


In the last 3 years, I was just an ordinary high school student, studying hard every day, and targeting good universities. Until at my 11th grade, I have decided to study abroad. As a regular senior secondary school student, TOEFL and SAT are quite difficult for me. Almost every day I spent my free time memorizing words and listening to English. At that time, I made many friends who studied abroad together. It was really worth it in retrospect.





The Ohio State University is one of my favorite schools. For one thing is that OSU has long history, with rich cultural heritage. What is more, it’s located in Columbus, Columbus as a transportation hub, political center, economic enter in Ohio, it is very convenient for international students. Also, as a student in Fisher which is very famous in China, so that I need to work hard in order to study at Fisher for 4 years. To the end, I need to do my best to gets everything well, develop the ability to learn independently. I believe I will make achievements at the OSU in the future.