Resources on Central Asia

FV Map, OshEncyclop

News & Analysis Sites:  My recommended sources in English for tracking current events in Central Asia.  Most have a focus on political elites, macro-level economy, international relations, security, and policy.

Research Exchange Forums:

The Central Eurasian Studies Society Blog, featuring thought pieces, research reports, photo essays, and thematic columns on the broader region from Turkey to Mongolia, including China, Russia, and Central Asia.

Wikistan is a (developing) global collaborative, multidisciplinary community of research, expertise and communication on Central Eurasia.  Based at CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and EHESS (School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) in Paris, France.

The Central Asian Analytical Network features projects & critical thinking by researchers from Central Asia concerning political, social, economic and cultural issues, in Russian, Central Asian languages, and English.

Specific Topics in Central Asia & its Global Context:

Introduction to Uzbekistan (resource developed at The Ohio State University)

On Osh, Kyrgyzstan:

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