Media Appearances & Recent Projects

  1. My interviews (video and audio) on  Central Asia and world affairs:
    1. “Social Justice in Central Asia,” January 2018, from the Central Asia Program, George Washington University.
    2. “Being Uzbek in Osh”, January 2018, from the Central Asia Program, George Washington University
    3. Voice of America, Uzbek Service, on Uzbek community in Kyrgyzstan (2014)
    4. Voice of America, Uzbek Service, on scholarship of Central Eurasia (2013)
    5. “Uzbek Propaganda and the Andijan Massacre”, interview with Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5FM), international affairs program “Worldview”, regarding Uzbekistani media and its representations of the Andijan Massacre. Interview broadcast on 30 Nov 2006.
  2. Here are some audio and written interviews and reviews about my book on Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Under Solomon’s Throne:

International Projects

  1. Project on interethnic tolerance in Kyrgyzstan (2013-2016), for the Global Centre for Pluralism, Ottawa, Canada.
  2. Islam: Religious and Social Practices. Universality and Locality”, a four-year project (2011-2014) to train young scholars in the former Soviet Union in Islamic Studies.  It is run under Professor Alexander Knysh (U Michigan), Vitaly Khromets, and Iryna Khromets (Dragomanov National Pedagogical U, Kiev, Ukraine), and funded by the Open Society Institute (Budapest), Higher Education Support Program, Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching Program (HESP ReSET).
  3. Project on Justice across Asia:  I was Workshop Director, Inter-Asian Connections Conference, Social Science Research Council workshop “Just Society at Last? Ideals and Projects of the Common Good across Asia”, co-led with Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (National University of Singapore).  Conference in Hong Kong, 6-8 June 2012.



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