Hi everyone,

I summarize three takeaways from class 2011.
1. Make use of the resources available around you . In online classes, we really get less help than the in person class , but its not that worse. Sometimes we need to get help and find some resources available on our own , and those resources may be easily ignored by us. For example, in some classes, the library link is pretty useful but few students make use of it.

2. Collaboration is vital important.
In online learning , many projects and requirements need us make collaboration with classmates. A good teamwork can save our time and make our assignment more efficient. Collaboration is the key to success in online course. But collaboration is not that easy. How we communicate , how we assign the work , how we share the different opinions and discuss a better one. Those all require us to pay attention to some details and find the right methods.

3. Try to find the balance between the note taking and understanding in class
In previous , I always make myself busy in note taking so that I don’t have enough time to comprehend in class. I learned many tips and technique in note taking from 2011, by making use of those techniques, I find a balance between note taking and comprehensive. This brings my learning quality to another level.

Photo Reflection

The summary of two jobs and my opinion
According to the job research information website, we can easily tell the content and social condition of this job. It is shown from the graph that vp is a job which brings high job satisfaction, reaching 87 percent, while get low job stress, up to 17 percent. What’s more, this job requires 15 years working experience, which may be hard for the employers. We can also find that there are almost equal amount of male and female are now working as this job. From the pie chart information, we find most employers are bachelor’s degree,68% and only 20% of all are MBA degree.
From another perspective, salary of this job seems to be generous in America. Including potential for bonuses, profit sharing and commission — peaking near $51K, $34K, and $53K, respectively — total cash payment to VPs of Operations can bottom out near $72K or top out at around $225K.However, if you get the leadership skill and management skill, you may get more than average.A vice president, he seems happy. Do you obsessed with his smile?
Another job is fireman, this is a sacred but dangerous job. Everyday, firemen have their duty on saving other’s lives. Actually, they are also standing on the edge of grim reaper. From the data, we find that men account for the most of this job, and there are only 10percent of women doing this job. That is reasonable , because men always have the power and stamina to fit this special job. Most of the firemen are highly satisfied with their job although the salary is not attractive.There are several skills that is necessary for the firemen. For example, they need to extinguish and control fires using shovels or water pumps, and maintain contact with emergency dispatch at all times and request additional resources as needed. this is a fire man at work
As for me, these two jobs are totally different from my major. My major is accounting, this major may pay more attention on those paper work and datas. By contrast, VP is a job needs more social work and ability to manage people. Firemen need a strong body and those hand skills. What’s more, the salary of two jobs really can’t cater to my need, especially the fireman. I can’t accept a job with low salary but high risks, that is unfair. To VP, the salary can be raised if one have longer working experience and education degree. But for fireman, these may not work anymore. Education degree may not important to be a fireman, but experience may count. I tend to believe that satisfaction and salary are both equal important when hunting a job. A good job should have satisfied salary and a pleasure working condition. It’s happy to work in high satisfaction with high salary. Some of job workers get high salary but they are doing what they dislike, everyday they are under big pressure and bad mood,and the other may doing their favourite but only get few salary, they are facing the pressure from feeding the family.
In conclusion, these two jobs are fantastic but not perfect in some ways.

Mingchong Liu-PerPro FD

Hello,let me give an self-introduction briefly but clearly.My name is Mingchong Liu,I come from Shenzhen,china,which is a city with flourishing economy.I am a transfer student from chinese university,which also means that I’m a brand new one here,but I am trying my best getting familiar with all kind of things,people around me.As we all know,hobby is the easiest way to connect us to each other.First of all,I am obssesed with electronic music,those electronic music festivals and Djs are my favourite.From electronic music,I can chill out from the stress that I suffered from everyday.I am always on cloud 9 when the music starts.from music festival
As many of the sports fans are crazy about their super stars, so am I.Leborn James has been my idols for 9 years,he acts as a light through my life,leading me to the right position.What impressed me most is that James is a player with strong body but have ability to move like a point guard on the court.What’s more,James is a player who has professional spirit.Just as he said,as long as I stand on the court,I give all my energy,and the result is up to fate.

picture from james

Speaking of the major,sometimes I am confused about it.Originally,I have no idea which major should I choose.Although there are various of majors,I am not familiar with them,and once the major is chosen,your career will definitely change.At last,my mother chose accounting for me.The reason why she chose accouting is that she consider it as an useful skill, which is used commonly in society.
After learning the accounting, I come to realize that this major can affect my personality and help me to build an earnest attitude. Sometimes it may be boring, but if you keep going, I will probably find the sense of achievement. In order to broaden my horizon, I come to here and hope to learn American accouting rules.
In conclusion, I traveled far and come to a new land. I hope I can enjoy a wonderful life here and broaden my horizons. All I want to do is trade this life for something new, holding on to what I havn ’t got.