Global Awareness:

In order to learn more about the world as a whole, I decided to take a few courses which teach about diversity and others which fall into the global studies category. The first class I will take is Intro to Archaeology which is both a social diversity and a global studies class. Intro to Archaeology teaches all about ancient hominins and where they’re found in the world. It gives a unique perspective on diversity since it focuses on ancient peoples who were much less entrenched in the difference between the different group, but rather focused on surviving during a much more difficult time in history. Another class I plan to take is Literature and Religion. This class is focused on studying the different religious literature across cultures and across time. This class will broaden my understanding of foreign religions as well as the ones I’m very familiar with such as Christianity and Islam. The combination of these two classes will help me to have a global perspective of my decisions and ideologies.

Original Inquiry:

I plan on pursuing research in the field of my major, Architecture. Though often thought to be something only done in the hard sciences, architecture is also something that needs to be vigorously researched in order to be an effective and influential architect. What I specifically research is low-income housing around the world. I want to learn how the poorest of our species live. I believe by learning about their homes facilitate them being able to survive with so little could help with designing houses which could use less power and be more self-sufficient. I also believe that by studying their homes, I will be given a better global perspective of home design. I hope one day I will be able to design effective homes for even the poorest of the world after doing this sort of research.

Academic Enrichment:

By taking 67 upper-division credit hours, and always pursuing the honours versions of courses, I think I will be able to exemplify Academic Enrichment. I plan to continue to meet with my advisors as I have this semester as it keeps me focused on my goals and prevents from becoming disheartened. It will become more and more difficult as I progress into my later years but I believe that by retaining rigour in my schedule, I will be continuously challenged, and thus, I will remain engaged. I am also pursuing a minor in addition to my major. The Computer Science minor program is no walk in the park either but it too will bolster my skill set as I move into graduate school. I plan to pursue a Master’s in Architecture in graduate school so that I can become a practising architect.

Leadership Development:

After taking this first semester off, I plan to return to the workforce by picking up a job on campus. Through my job, I hope to acquire more skills in relation to time management and following out orders in a timely fashion. I would like to eventually become a tutor in the architecture department after I have delved deeper into my major. In the summers, I plan on picking up an internship at an Architecture firm so that I can gain experience in the industry. I hope to one day run my own firm so it is necessary for me first learn the ropes if I’m ever to lead my own.

Service Engagement:

In tandem with my research project, studying lower-class housing, I hope to also volunteer in the low-income communities I visit so that I may help them possibly get out of their dire situations. I feel very strongly about helping the low-income individuals of the world because they are the one’s who need help most. I think that the research would not get in the way if I was simultaneously volunteering. Also, through my volunteer work, I hope to get to known the poorer people and learn about their day-to-day lives. I could then help eventually design homes that better fit their needs. Volunteering and research, two birds, one stone.