Semester in Review

My first semester of college has been a great challenge. Not only have I been challenged academically, but I have been challenged with adapting to a new lifestyle and forming new relationships as well. Towards the beginning of the year, I found it extremely difficult to study for a quiz or a midterm. The way that I had studied in high school wasn’t very applicable to my college life. So I retaught myself how to study, and how to get the most out of my classes. There is no shame in going to tutoring and office hours. In fact, I have come to view it as a feat to be admired.

Up until this semester, I have never had a point in my life where there are so many opportunities to take advantage of. The  wide array of research opportunities, internships, study abroad, volunteer experiences, organizations, etc. all seemed very overwhelming at first, and at times it still is. But I am learning that one student is not capable of taking part in everything, and that focusing on what is important to you makes the college experience much more manageable. This semester, I have been volunteering at the Veterinary Medical Center in the Oncology and ICU units twice a week, and I have also been preparing to study abroad in Nicaragua over winter break. These two experiences are the opportunities that I decided to take hold of this semester, and next semester, I plan to become involved in research.

My demanding schedule has required me to work on improving my time management skills. I have also been able to improve my leadership skills as well, by participating in various events such as being an Ohio State Welcome Leader in the beginning of the year, as well as volunteering with the Zero Waste initiative at Ohio State before a home football game. I’ve learned to open my mind to paths that I had never previously imagined myself traveling on. I came in to Ohio State with my heart set on being a Veterinarian, but now after having heard about many other career options available in my field of interest, I am now continuing my studies with a focus on wildlife science rather than the pre-veterinary track. I am very excited to see how I continue to grow as a person, as well as with my studies, as I continue my education at The Ohio State University.

Clay High Honors Diploma


This past spring, I graduated with honors from Clay High School in Oregon, Ohio. Throughout my four years of high school, I was consistently in the top 10% of my class. Upon graduation, not only was I in the top 10%, but I was in the top ten students as well. I graduated fifth in my class of approximately 300 students. I also received recognition for several different aspects of my academic success. Among these tasks was earning a 32 on the ACT, receiving the President’s award, and being involved in National Honor Society as well as Tri-M Music Honors Society. In addition, I was also able to obtain several scholarships from my school for my accomplishments academically, as well as musically, to assist me as I began my journey at Ohio State.


G- Global Awareness: I am currently enrolled in a course that teaches me about Nicaragua, with a focus on the country’s agriculture and sustainability practices. This winter, I will be studying abroad in Nicaragua, and get to experience the country’s culture and ideas first hand. In addition to this study abroad trip, I plan to take part in more study abroad programs in the future.

O- Original Inquiry: As a pre-veterinary student, it is very important to gain research experience, and have a thorough understanding of how the research project works. I plan to take part in multiple research experiences during my time here at Ohio State. Ideally, I would like to assist in research involving animals, whether it be on a microscopic or life size level.

A- Academic Enrichment: In addition to attending my classes, I have made a habit out of going to tutoring sessions for my more difficult courses, such as calculus. Tutoring has really helped me to succeed in the classroom, and is a resource that I plan to utilize in the future as well. I also recently became a member of the pre-vet club here at Ohio State, and it has helped me significantly in getting connected with information and resources involving the veterinary school application and opportunities to earn experience. I will soon begin to volunteer at the Veterinary Medical Center as a pet sitter in the ICU and Oncology wards each week.

L- Leadership Development: I plan to develop leadership skills by volunteering in activities where being a leader is part of the experience, as well as by getting involved in organizations that encourage growth and allow me to practice with my leadership skills. As an upperclassman, I would like to then earn a leadership position within an organization that I have been involved with.

S- Service Engagement: I will soon begin my service involving animals within the Veterinary Medical Center. This experience is ideal, as it is an opportunity for service, as well as to gain experience in my desired field of study. In addition to this volunteer experience, I have also taken part in Ohio State’s Zero Waste initiative before football games and O.W.L. leader program. I will continue to gain volunteer experience in various areas around campus and the community, but will also develop a long-term volunteer experience as well in order to gain depth.

One Saturday morning before a football game, I decided to volunteer for the Zero Waste Tailgate. The Zero Waste team takes the initiative to go around to the tailgating groups and offer them recycling bins or bags. The volunteers distributed these items, educated the tailgaters on what was to be recycled and what wasn’t, and also informed them of the process of the Zero Waste system. As a student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, it felt very rewarding to take part in a program that collected such vast amounts of recycling that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill. For me, it was a way to grasp this immense environmental issue I had learned about in class, and actually take action to do something about the problem.


Hello! Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portolio. I’m currently a first year student at Ohio State, and am very excited to become involved in all that campus has to offer!


Hello! My name is Ciera Lipper, and I am a driven, inspired freshman at OSU, excited to begin my studies as a Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife major on the pre-veterinary track. I grew up in Oregon, Ohio, where I shadowed at a veterinary clinic and discovered my love for animals. Becoming a part of the Biological Science Scholars at Ohio State was something that I felt would enhance my overall experience and understanding of animal life, as well as provide me with the resources to engage in research opportunities and mentoring for veterinary school. In addition, I hope to take part in many study abroad experiences, with my first one being a trip to Nicaragua this winter. I can’t wait to engage in all that Ohio State has to offer!

Year in Review

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