Vice President – Morrill Tower Activities Board

Effective September 11, 2019, I will serve as the 2019-2020 Vice President of the Morrill Tower Activities Board (MTAB). The purpose of MTAB is to provide for the social, recreational, informational, educational, diversity, wellness, and community-building involvement needs of Morrill Tower, and to achieve this purpose within the standards set by The Ohio State University. As VP of the MTAB executive board, I will be responsible for the implementation and management of the Morrill Money program, and will collaboratively work to plan, implement, and assess programs with the program directors. In the case that the President is unable to be present or to perform their duty, I will serve as interim President.

CFAES Student Council Delegate

I have the honor of announcing that I will be serving as a delegate on the student council for the Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences during the Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020 academic year. I am excited to have an opportunity to directly influence my College and represent my peers. More information about CFAES can be found on our website.

About Me

Hi! My name is Evan Lindsey and I am from Powell, Ohio. I am a first year student at the Ohio State University, and a member of the Environmental and Natural Resources Scholar’s program. As a teenager, I was heavily involved in martial arts, team swimming, and the Boy Scouts of America program. I was a yearbook editor, president of the orchestra, and student aide to multiple teachers at Olentangy Liberty High School. Senior year I pounced on the opportunity to study abroad in Germany, and it was an such amazing experience that I intend to go back during college. My fondest memories were from Dresden and Prague, because the architecture is breathtaking and the scenery is so serene. Influenced by my Scouting background and my environmentally-versed mother, I am an outdoor enthusiast; backpacking through the Zaleski State Forest and hammocking on Lake Hope is one of my favorite activities (provided that there are plenty of snacks available). I’ve been white-water rafting at New River Gorge, and have dabbled in rappelling, zip-lining and artificial rock-climbing. Yellowstone National Park is my favorite destination; the park is constantly evolving, and if you can brave the sulfuric smells, there is nothing more magical than the colorful hotsprings and majestic wildlife. I joined the CFAES at OSU to gain the skills necessary to protect natural destinations like these, and intend to earn an Environmental Policy and Decision Making degree with a minor in political science and international affairs. Through positions in student government, I hope to streamline the communication between students and professors, before I go on to influence Ohio environmental policies.