Week of July 9, 2017

This week was a fun one! I was able to rework the website, take some sister, and senior pictures. This is the new URL that will get you onto to site https://lindsayraephotog9.wixsite.com/lindsayrae. I took pictures of Lindsay’s 4-H club for their booth on Sunday afternoon. Then Sunday night we took senior pictures and spent the week editing them. I also took some sister pictures this week and worked on editing them. I was really able to start taking more and more of my own pictures and coming up with my own poses. Here are a few pictures of the week!

The Week of July 2, 2017

This week I got most of the website completed the only thing left to do it link social media pages and add the buy a photo page. After those few changes are made the site will be published. I will also be working on two photo shoots with Lindsay next week. We were supposed to have a shoot on the third but unfortunately it was cancelled due to rain. I am looking forward to the photo shoots next week. Here is the website so far: https://lindsayraephotog9.wixsite.com/lindsayrae


The week of June 25

This week I spent my evening working on the website and looking at different things that I could do to display images. I put the pictures on many different layouts until I found the layout that worked for each page. As soon as I have the website up and running I will share the link to the website once it is officially up. I have a photo shoot on the third to go to and a few more after that. I am looking forward to going to more photo shoots and doing more editing.

Website week

This week we spent a lot of time researching websites that work well for her business. I found a website called Wix and I started putting together some photos from her sessions and designing the web page. I am learning that creating a website is a lot more work than I would have ever thought. I am working on pages for pregnancy, family, senior pictures, and sports. Lindsay is helping me learn what works well for a photography website and the kinds of things I should look for when picking out a website. A website is a good way to promote a business and she is helping me work on my marketing skills as well as my photography skills.  I also went and to pictures at a sheep show and I worked on my editing skills. I worked on taking pictures of livestock quickly and lots of them hoping to get a good picture at the back drop. I also am learning that some of the best pictures I get are ones that are not posed for, but ones you get when you least expect them.

CD Week

This week we were able to get the CD to the bride and groom to see the pictures from the wedding. Lindsay and I went through all of our photos and put together an album that we felt represented their wedding. She helped me with editing my pictures and so much more. I also went to a sheep and goat show and was able to help photograph kids from Wood and Ottawa County. I am learning a lot from this internship and my photography skills are truly improving. 

Logo Week

This week we have still been working on editing wedding photos. I am learning how to edit using Adobe Light room. I am having lots of fun working on these photos and cannot wait to get them to the bride and groom. I also have been working on creating my own logo and have designed three, but I cannot decide what logo I want to use. I am leaning more and more about my camera and how to use the different settings. I have also learned how to use different lenses , my flash and when good times of the day are to picture. I am truly learning a lot from Lindsay and I cannot wait to get into more photo sessions to take more pictures.

The Week After the Wedding

The week after the wedding was full of editing. We have been working on editing the photos to put on a CD for the bride and groom. I am learning how to use light room and change different setting to make a photo look the way I want it to. I also learned how to insert a logo on to a picture by using light room. Unfortunately the weather has not wanted to cooperate with us up here and we had to reschedule our photo shoot we were supposed to have today because of rain. However, this gave us a great day to keep editing pictures and working on the wedding CD. I am hoping that next week we can get the photo shoot in and have a nice day!

Wedding Week!

This was one of the most nerve wracking yet exciting things I have ever had the chance to be apart of. I went to a wedding with Lindsay Rae Photography and helped capture photos of the Leade wedding. We spent all week reading about wedding photos, poses, camera settings to be in, lenses to use, and so much more. At the wedding I helped to pre wedding photos, during the ceremony photos, and reception photos. I learned how to use different zooms and apertures, and much more. This next week I will start learning how to edit photos and will hopefully have come photos to share!

First Week!

This has been my first full week working for Lindsay Rae Photography. My first week was full of firsts, I made a brochure, then I had to go get it printed. I learned that even after the printer shows you a proof you need to double check and make sure the rest of the copies are correct, because I got all the way home and realized every print after my proof was off. I also got to go to an after prom and take photos all night. This gave me an opportunity to learn how to use my camera different lenses and more. The next day Lindsay taught me how to edit photos, and we went to an open house and scheduled senior pictures for upcoming seniors. She also has given me a how to book to learn more about my camera and photography. I learned a lot my first week working with Lindsay Rae Photography.

Hello world!

I am Kirsten Ameling a junior in agricultural communications and I am completing a photography internship this summer with Lindsay Rae Photography. I will be working on the communication and media portion of the business as well as taking photos and photo editing. She will teach me how to take pictures along with how to edit.