2. Working Papers

The Elephant in the Room: the Impact of Labor Obligations on Credit Markets, June 2018, with Jack Favilukis and Xiaofei Zhao

The Finance Uncertainty Multiplier, April 2018, with Iván Alfaro and Nick Bloom

External Equity Financing Shocks, Financial Flows, and Asset Prices, August 2017, with Frederico Belo and Fan Yang | Online Appendix

The Risks of Old Capital Age: Asset Pricing Implications of Technology Adoption, June 2018, with Berardino Palazzo and Fan Yang

Investor Protection, Corporate Investment, and Valuation, November 2017, with Yingcong Lan, Neng Wang and Jinqiang Yang

The Opposing Effects of Information Complexity and Information Content on Return Volatility, January 2018, with Frederico Belo, Jun Li and Xiaofei Zhao