Personal Changes Since Coming to College

So many aspects of my life have changed since coming to college, but for me the biggest change has been how I have become more comfortable with myself and who I am. In high school, I was extremely self-conscious and found it hard to be myself. I tried to be a perfect person and fit into a mold that others made for me. I was afriad that if I didn’t act in certain ways people wouldn’t like me or want to be me friend. College for me has been a blank canvas where I have the oppportunity to paint myself as I am. At first I was reluctant to be myself as I still had my fears from high school, but I pushed my fears aside and acted like my true self. Much to my surprise, I started to befriend some really awesome people! I am one hundred percent happy with my decision to be myself because not only did it allow me no meet fantastic people, but also has eased so many of my worries. As I continue on with my undergraduate experience, I hope that I am able to become evern more comfortable with who I am and continue on this journey of self discovery. Although I have come far from where I was in high school, I know that I stiil have progress to make regarding my self-esteem. I hope that I’m able to get to a point where I can accept that I will never be perfect and be completely comfortable with who I am.

Year in Review

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I hope to work towards the goal of global awareness in multiple ways. For example, I hope to study abroad during my time at Ohio State. I have always loved to travel and explore new cultures. By studying abroad I can not only get credit for classes but also can better my understanding of the world. I also plan on taking classes that foster my understanding of diversity such as women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.


I plan to take part in original inquiry by getting involved in undergraduate research. Although I am not exactly sure what I would like to research at this point, I know that I being a part of research is a large part of my goals as a student here at Ohio State.


I will enhance my academic experience by exploring classes outside my major in order to build myself into a well-rounded person. I will also be minoring in music so I can expand upon my education and broaden my horizons. My courses show my commitment to developing a program that goes beyond the basic requirements because they expand beyond the science classes I will be taking for my major.


I hope to develop my leadership skills by getting an internship. Not only will this help me to become a better leader, but it will also help to determine what career options are best for me. I also want to get an officer position in the Women’s Glee Club. This will allow me to give back to something that I love and develop crucial leadership skills.


As I stated in the previous section, I hope to become an officer for the Women’s Glee Club so I can give back to the group. I also hope to get involved with service opportunities in the Columbus community to help me to grow as a person and citizen.


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About Me

Emily Lill is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences physics program and just graduated from Springboro High School with Honors.  After graduation, Emily plans on going to graduate school to further her education in physics. During her years at Ohio State, Emily hopes to get involved with extracurricular activities including undergraduate research in physics to enhance her learning experience. Along with her passion for science, Emily also loves singing, dancing, acting, and making people laugh.