NeuroNights: TBI Community Outreach

The Ohio State’s Chronic Brain Injury program (CBI), Wexner Medical Center’s rehabilitation team, and the undergraduate student group Buckeyes Raising Awareness in Neuroscience (BRAIN) support an ongoing workshop for survivors of brain injuries and other neurological conditions. The series called NeuroNights builds wellness skills and community connections through interactive seminars for survivors, their caregivers, and their family members.

Dr. Quatman-Yates and members of the LIFT Lab were invited to run a series of presentations based off the lab’s activities focused on the healing powers of physical activity for individuals living with chronic brain injury. The presentation included high-level details around the LIFT Lab’s Chronic Brain Injury Funded CBI PLAAY project. The CBI PLAAY project aims to better understand the barriers and facilitators survivors of traumatic and acquired brain injury face when attempting to live a physically active lifestyle. The overarching goal for the series of presentations was to spread awareness and understanding of the benefits of physical activity and to find ways to support CBI survivors to be physically active for live. The lab team spoke about the positive effects physical activity has on the brain, how to measure the intensity of exercise with the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale, and different opportunities to include exercise into everyday life. They also, led participants through a series of seated exercises that could be utilized at home.
A special thanks to Kedar Hiremath, MBA, MPH, the head of NeuroNights, for arranging this opportunity!

Click here for more information about NeuroNights and for the recordings of the presentations!

If you or someone you know has suffered a CBI and would like to participate in the CBI PLAAY study, click this link to set up an enrollment meeting!

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