REMINDER: Hartford Fair FairEntry Information

Fair Entries

All Hartford Fair entries must be completed through the FairEntry portal again this year. Please follow the Hartford Fair Entry Instructions ( when making your entries. Entry deadline is Friday, June 28, 2024.

SPECIAL NOTE: Lisa and Adrienne will be at 4-H Camp June 17-21 and will have limited access to email and voicemail. If you have questions or run into issues, please EMAIL them and they will do their best to get back to you. If you have general questions about departments, shows, tagging/banding/tattooing, etc., please email Lisa at If you are having trouble making entries through FairEntry, please email Adrienne at Before emailing them, please be sure that you have read through the entry instructions linked above AND the relevant departments in the premium book linked below as often your questions/issues may be solved by reviewing those materials. Another helpful document is the Junior Fair Livestock Requirement Summary:

Please note:

  • The Hartford Fair Entry Portal can be found by visiting:
  • Please be sure to review the Hartford Fair Premium Book at: to ensure you know which Classes and Lots you will be making entries for before you start that process.
  • All 4-H families must use their 4-HOnline Credentials to log into FairEntry. If a member creates a new account in FairEntry, they will be unable to make entries in Junior Fair Departments as those departments require them to be enrolled in the appropriate 4-H project in order to make entries.
  • All FFA members making entries in livestock departments will submit their own entries this year. Those entering projects in the FFA Building will do so through their advisor.
    Please make sure that you add all entries to each exhibitor in your family before you submit the entries and continue to the payment portal.
  • NEW FOR 2024: All youth planning to participate in Showmanship MUST make an entry for their Showmanship class. Even if a member isn’t sure about whether they want to do Showmanship or not, they should go ahead and make an entry for it.

Photo IDs

Both Junior Fair Exhibitors and Advisors must submit a photo for their fair ID. Photos must be submitted by June 30, 2024. Please ensure that all Junior Fair Exhibitors submit their photo through the link for YOUTH ID while the advisors should submit their photo through the ADULT ID link. Please ensure your photo meets the requirements listed. The fair ID will be used for gate admission as well as collecting premiums from the Premium Bank. Submit your photos here: