LAST CHANCE: 2024 Livestock Quality Assurance Deadline – JUNE 1ST

Hartford Fair Junior Fair Livestock Exhibitors! This is your reminder that you must complete a Quality Assurance Training by June 1st. If you have not met this requirement, please make sure you have plans to complete this requirement before midnight on June 1st or you will no longer be eligible to show in any junior fair livestock classes at either the Hartford Fair or the Ohio State Fair. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!

  • If the 4-H member has DROPPED THE PROJECT, please just let us know and we will remove it from their enrollment record – and that will take them off the list to attend a QA training.
  • If you ALREADY COMPLETED A TRAINING, and our records are incorrect, please reach out to Lisa so that we can make that correction. Simply provide details regarding the training date / location that you attended, and we will work to verify that attendance.
  • If you STILL NEED TO ATTEND a Livestock Quality Assurance training, you have TWO OPTIONS:
    • OPTION #1 – Attend Quality Assurance training being held in another county… Delaware County will offer trainings May 28th and May 30th. There are additional counties that will also be offering trainings in the upcoming days, but you will need to seek those out yourself. You are responsible for reaching out to their respective Extension Offices in order to verify time, location, etc.
    • Option #2 – YQCA National Training ($12 per person). You must follow the instructions posted online at, complete payment, and then they will grant you access to the training modules and exam. If you would appreciate step-by-step instructions, please know that you can find those on our website HERE. This training can be completed any time of day, until June 1st at 11:59 p.m.  Once complete, please forward a copy of your certificate to Please note that it is critical that you forward a copy of your certificate of completion, as we not be notified in any other way that you have completed the training.  A Piece of Advice: The training and exam must be completed prior to 11:59 p.m. on June 1st, not just be underway. When your training is complete, your certificate is date and time – stamped in the system… Please don’t wait until the last minute to attempt this training – it takes approximately an hour to complete the training, and the payment process takes time in advance of you being granted access to start the training (sometimes as much as 24 hours).

Please be sure that you have a plan in place for completing this requirement and that you communicate with us once it has been completed.