4-H Shooting Sports Fall Instructor Workshop

The 2023 4-H Shooting Sports Fall Instructor Workshop Registration is now live. Please go to http://go.osu.edu/2023FallWorkshopCanters to register. This workshop will be held at Canter’s Cave 4-H camp, located outside of Jackson Ohio, September 15-17. The cost is $110. The workshop is open to any approved 4-H volunteer who would like to get certified as a Shooting Sports discipline instructor. If you are planning to apply to be a 4-H advisor for 2024, there will be additional workshops in the beginning of 2024 for you to receive your shooting sports certification at that time. Instructors must be age 21 by the time of the training and be an approved 4-H Volunteer in their county program.  If interested, please reach out to Lisa (mccutcheon.46@osu.edu) to let her know you are planning to register. This workshop will offer all of the basic disciplines: Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Living History, Hunting and Wildlife as well as the advanced disciplines including Muzzleloader and Crossbow. We will also be offering Living History Level 2 training opportunity, which is a train the trainer level 2 program for Ohio. More information about the registration can be found on the Ohio 4-H Website under the Shooting Sports page.  https://ohio4h.org/families/members/events-opportunties/shooting-sports/state-training

Assistant Instructors are also welcome to register for this workshop. Assistant Instructors are individuals who have aged out of 4-H (age 19-20) but who have not reached age 21. These individuals will receive an Assistant Instructor certificate allowing them to teach under the direct supervision of a level one Shooting sports Instructor. Upon reaching the age of 21 they can apply to have their certificate changed to a certification as long as they have had continuous service as a 4-H Volunteer in the shooting sports program.

Junior Leaders will be allowed to attend this workshop and thanks to the support of the ODNR Division of Wildlife the first 20 Junior Leaders will be able to attend the workshop for $55.00! This price is only open to those ages 14-18 by January 1, 2023. Junior Leaders will need a letter of recommendation from a shooting sports certified instructor in the discipline they are registering to take. They should have also completed this project either in 2023 or in previous years and have knowledge of the project. Junior Leaders in the Shooting Sports program are able to help adult certified instructors but must be under the direct supervision of a level one instructor. Junior Leader certifications will not be recognized as adult certifications.