REMINDER: 2022 Club Financial Documents due soon!

Attention Advisors! Please remember that all clubs must turn in a Yearly Financial Summary by December 1st each year. If your has not completed their financial summary for this year, please be sure that that is on your schedule to do and turn in before December 1, 2022. You can find the financial summary on the Club Resource Book Supplemental Materials page under the Advisor Resources tab on our website. There are three different versions that you can use depending on what works best for you. You should have also received a print copy in your club packet that you received at the beginning of the year, or we have print copies available at the office if you need one.

Please also remember that we have a NEW Yearly Financial Review document that should be completed annually as well. You can find this form just below the Yearly Financial Summary at the page linked above. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to review the requirements and recommendations and then form a Financial Review Committee to complete the review before December 1, 2022.

Because 4-H clubs are nonprofit and held to the standards of the Internal Revenue Service 501c3 determination, it is important that the finances for each club and group go through an audit. This practice of auditing protects the club and the treasurer themselves. Each 4-H Club / Committee should conduct a yearly financial review and may use internal or external audits (or emergency audit when needed). It is recommended to have an annual / yearly financial review, internal audit once every three years, and an external audit conducted at least once every six years.

We know you may have questions, so please do reach out with questions as we are happy to help.