LAST CHANGE: Quality Assurance Requirement Due!

Licking County Livestock Project Members (beef | dairy | dairy feeder | goat | poultry | rabbit | sheep | swine)…

Please remember that all 4-H and FFA members taking livestock projects must complete their Quality Assurance requirement by June 1st of each year to be eligible to show at the Hartford Fair and/or the Ohio State Fair. If you have not attended a QA training, please know that your only option at this point to meet that requirement is to complete the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) online training course.

To complete the YQCA training course, please visit to register and complete the course. There is a $12 fee to utilize the YQCA training module. Instructions on how to do so can be found HERE. Once completed, please email a copy of your completion certificate to Lisa McCutcheon at so that we can give you credit for your QA requirement. If you utilize this option, PLEASE allow enough time to complete it before the June 1st deadline. The certificates are timestamped and any certificate with a June 2nd date or later will not meet our QA requirement.

If you are no longer planning to take any livestock projects this year, please reach out to Adrienne Anderson at to have those projects removed from your enrollment.