LAST CHANCE: Hartford Fair ID Photos

If you need your photo taken for your fair ID, please make sure you get that done by May 24th. The current list of dates and times can be found on the Hartford Fair website HERE. The available times have been updated so please be sure to check to see the current photo sessions.

Who needs a photo taken in 2022?

  • ALL advisors must have their photo taken in 2022. Photos were taken at the three, in-person advisor training sessions. If you did not have your photo taken or were on the virtual training, please be sure you have your photo taken this year.
  • ALL new exhibitors.
  • ALL exhibitors name N thru Z.
  • Any exhibitors last name A thru M who DID NOT have a fair ID last year (weren’t enrolled, didn’t make a fair entry, didn’t have your photo taken in 2021, etc.)

ALL exhibitors and advisors will receive a new fair ID in 2022. Fair IDs from previous years cannot be used for fair admission or claiming premiums. Fair IDs will be available to be picked up at the fairgrounds in the days leading up to fair. That schedule will be available closer to fair.

If you are unsure about whether you need to have your photo taken, please contact the Hartford Fair Office at 740-893-4881 to check.

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