Hartford Fair Premium Book and Information Available

Much of the information that is found in the Hartford Fair Premium Book each year is now available on the Hartford Fair website on their Premium Book page. You will find each department (both open and junior fair) broken out into its own document. You can download and/or print just the bits and pieces that you need. You will also find the various entry forms on that page as well. Please pay attention to ensure that you are making your entries on the correct entry blanks and remember that only one department can be entered on each form. Entries are due to the Hartford Fair Office by Saturday, June 18, 2022 but we encourage you to turn your entries in well before the deadline. Advisors are encouraged to collect all of the entries for their club and to schedule time with Beth (beth@hartfordfair.com) to come in and go over the entries with her to ensure there are no mistakes/incomplete forms.

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