Healthy Living 4-H Youth In Action Award Applications Now Accepted

Youth changing their communities is a cornerstone of 4-H Healthy Living work.  Do you have a teen leader who should be recognized for the work done in changing health in their community? The 4‑H Youth in Action Award Program recognizes four confident young leaders with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives in the 4-H core pillar areas: agriculture, civic engagement, healthy living and STEM. Any of these pillar areas may be appropriate for youth leading change in WCC, but definitely civic engagement or healthy living!

Each year, Pillar Winners will experience an exciting year of telling their 4‑H story and celebrating their leadership. Winners receive:

  • $5,000 higher education scholarship
  • Opportunities to showcase their 4 H impact story
  • All-expenses paid trip to National 4 H Council event
  • Networking opportunities with 4 H celebrities and other prominent alumni
  • Recognition as the official 4 H youth spokesperson for their pillar

Applications are received through March 28 at!about-4h-youth-in-action

The application consists of basic contact information, answers to two limited response questions and a one-minute video.  This opportunity is open to 15-18 year-olds.

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