Licking County Teens are Traveling

Puerto Rico

Travis Allen is traveling with other Ohio 4-H members around Puerto Rico for a 4-H Cultural Immersion experience. The goal of this trip is to experience a different culture, increase multicultural communication skills, and work with Puerto Rico 4-H members to complete service projects. We can’t wait to hear all about Travis’s trip when he returns!


National 4-H Club Congress

Erika Grum and Bo Wolford have traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the National 4-H Club Congress. Both were selected as Ohio 4-H Achievement Award winners in a specific project area in order to be selected for this opportunity. Attending 4-H Congress is the highest honor a 4-H member can receive during their 4-H career. These two traveled with the Ohio delegation and get to meet and connect with other 4-H members from across the country. Lisa is serving as one of four chaperones during this trip. Be sure to ask them about their experiences the next time you see them!