4-H Clothing, Foods, and Special Interest Project Judging

This post contains important information for those members enrolled in Clothing, Food, and Special Interest Projects. Judging for these projects will be held on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at C-TEC (150 Price Rd., Newark, OH 43055). All clothing, food, and special interest project will be judged that day starting at 9:00 a.m. and are required to schedule a judging appointment (more information below). Please be sure to review the Project Requirements to ensure your project is complete and that you have everything you need for judging. The project requirements can be found here.

NEW FOR 2021:

Each member will need to schedule their interview time(s) for their judge (or judges if they are taking multiple projects). We will be using an online scheduling platform that will allow you to select the interview time and will send you an email confirmation and reminder. Please read the following information BEFORE you select your appointment.

  • Each judge has a specific set of projects that he or she will judge. You must look at the project judge list in order to see which judge(s) you will need to select appointments for. The list is available sorted by both Project Name and Project Number. Use whichever list is easiest for you to find your project(s) and judge number(s).
  • All judges have one appointment available per time slot. The only exception to this is for Shooting Sports (Judge 7). We have two judges for shooting sports and so there are two appointments available per time slot.
  • You MUST view the above linked list(s) to find your judge. If you sign up for the incorrect judge, your child will still be judged by the judge they selected, but will not be eligible for any awards beyond a grade since they will not be judged by the judge for their project.
  • If you have more than one project that needs to be judged, please be careful when selecting appointment times so that you do not overlap your appointments. Please be sure that you are not selecting the same appointment time across multiple judges, and we would encourage you not to schedule “back-to-back” appointments so that if you run behind on one judge or need time to reset between projects that you are not causing a delay in the process. We encourage you to allow at least one time slot between your projects (i.e. If you select the 10:00am slot for one judge, please select the 10:20am or later time slot for the second judge to help us keep the appointments on schedule).
  • If you have limited times that you are available on judging day, we would encourage you to sign up for your appointment time early to ensure you get a time that works for you.
  • You must register for your judging appointment time(s) by no later than 4:30pm on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 so that we have time to pull and print the schedule for judging. If you sign up for a time after the deadline, your child can still have their project judged, but they will not be eligible for any special awards.
  • Please pay special attention to which judge you are selecting the time for. Depending on your device and how it sorts the appointments, the judges may not be listed in numerical order. Please double check your judge prior to making your selection.
  • You can select your judging appointment(s) by visiting: go.osu.edu/2021ProjectJudging

During judging we will be following guidelines similar to those recently made available by the Ohio State Fair. Please review the following instructions/guidelines and plan to follow them for judging day.

  • Only one parent should attend with each participant.
  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to check in and complete your scoresheet.
  • Participants should bring only what they can carry themselves into the judging room. Photos or a video can be used to depict large items. Judges will NOT leave the judging area to view large items.
  • Due to the scheduled times for interviews, all interviews will be held to a maximum of 8 minutes in length. We encourage each member to think about which points of their project they want to make sure they share and practice with them before judging.
  • Once a member has completed their judging interview(s), we ask that they return to the adult they came with and leave the building to allow room for those members and parents who will be coming in for their judging times.
  • Foods Project Members: Please do not pass around or share your food item(s) with others on site.

Foods Project Update:

  • Foods Project Members should still follow the guidelines for what they should bring to judging that are listed in the Project Requirements (linked above). The only difference is that we are not asking the judges to sample the member’s food item this year. They still need to bring their food item with them to judging.

Clothing Project Update:

  • Due to a series of changes and restrictions, we will not hold our traditional Style Revue and Awards Night on July 15th. Instead, we will have an abbreviated modeling session for the judges to make their final decisions that will start at 3:30pm and will take place at C-TEC. This will mean that some members will need to make two trips to C-TEC on judging day or will want to wait around after their interview has completed. It is not the ideal situation but is how we will need to handle the Style Revue for 2021. We hope to return to our normal program in 2022.
  • Food and Fashion Board Members will be on hand to demonstrate modeling and help members know where to walk and stand.

Since we will not have our usual awards program at the style revue, judging results will be posted to the website and emailed out to all families. Members will be able to pick up their awards at the Hartford Fair in the 4-H Center during booth construction hours. They will be recognized at our fall Achievement Night in November. Members selected as a State Fair Representative will receive their packet of information for Ohio State Fair judging by mail the week after judging.

Please reach out to Lisa McCutcheon (mccutcheon.46@osu.edu) or Adrienne Anderson (anderson.1410@osu.edu) with questions.

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