Hartford Fair Photo ID Pictures

Please remember that if you need to have your picture taken for your Hartford Fair Photo Id, to please do so soon. Watch the Hartford Fair website as additional times & places may be added.

Exhibitor Picture ID’s:
Who needs to have a picture taken this year? All exhibitors with a last name beginning with A thru M. Those with last name beginning with N thru Z and did not have an exhibit last year will also need a picture ID. Who does NOT need a new picture taken this year? If your last name begins with N thru Z and you received a 2020 ID Photo Badge. A new badge will be issued with the last photo on file.

Advisor Picture ID’s:
All new advisors will need to have a picture taken. In order to stay on our 3‐year cycle anyone that did not have a picture take at the 2019 Advisor’s training or in the office last year will need to have one this year. Note: All advisor pictures will be taken again in 2022.

NOTE: If you are unsure if you need a picture please email browley@hartfordfair.com and we will let you know.

Everyone will receive a new ID Badge for 2021. Advisor badges will be issued from the Sr. Fair office and Exhibitor badges will be issued from either the Jr. Fair Board Office or Ramsey 4‐H Center starting @ noon Thursday, August 5th. All badges issued in a prior year cannot be used for admission to the fair and will be retained if presented. There is no charge until after the *deadline date of June 18th. No Photo ID picture will be taken on entry days (June 25th and 26th) or after July 15th. If lost or stolen the cost to replace will be $45.00. Call 740‐893‐4881 for questions or further information.

Walk-in photo sessions will be held at the Hartford Fairgrounds in the Babcock Building which is located behind the fair office:
Mon May 24th 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Sat June 5th 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sun June 6th 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The following dates are only available at certain times & will be schedule by the week.
Weekdays May 9th – June 18th By appointment only Fair Office
Weekdays July 1st – 15th By appointment only w/late fee Fair Office

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