2021 Goat Workshops

The Goats R Us 4 H Club will offer FREE goat project workshops on both Thursday, June 10 and Thursday, July 15 (rain or shine) for any youth exhibitor planning to participate in the Hartford Fair Both clinics will be held from 6 :00 9 :00 p.m. in the Baird Arena (Sheep on the Hartford Fairgrounds. Members are encouraged to attend both sessions, and are welcome to bring their Meat Goats, Dairy Goats and Pygmy Goats (with collar and to the workshops but it is not required in order to participate Animals will be available to those unable to bring their own.

Workshop topics will include hands on instruction in showmanship, general care, feeding, Scrapies identification requirements, grooming, hoof trimming and working with Pack Goats.

For additional information, contact Laney McLaughlin | 740.927.4790 | Goats R Us 4 H Club Advisor

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