REMINDER: Project Videos Due on Flipgrid by July 19th!

Don’t forget to complete and upload your project video to Flipgrid by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 19th in order to participate in the judging process.

The guidelines and instructions for the judging process can be found on the website here. These documents are listed on both the Member Resources & Special Interest Project Information and What’s New pages. Please review them and reach out to me with questions or concerns. You can access your project’s grid by clicking on the link next to your project’s name in the Flipgrid Project List that is found on the website here. Once you reach the correct grid (project area), you will be able to select your project from the drop-down “topic” menu.

If you miss the deadline or if you do not feel comfortable completing your project judging through Flipgrid, please work with your advisor to have them review and grade your project. They can submit that grade to Adrienne ( by July 27th to be recognized at the fair. You WILL NOT be eligible for any award beyond a grade. Any project entered at the fair not receiving a grade will be eligible for a participation ribbon and premium only.

We look forward to seeing all of the creative and exciting things you have done in your projects!

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