2020 Virtual Still Project Judging Guidelines

We will be holding our still project judging (foods, clothing, and special interest) through a virtual platform called Flipgrid. Flipgrid allows individuals to record video presentations which can then be viewed and evaluated by our judges. While this will not allow the back-and-forth interaction between the judges and members that we would normally have, we think this will be a great opportunity to allow judging to happen while keeping our members, volunteers, and judges healthy and safe. All videos must be uploaded between July 12-19 to be eligible for awards.

Please read through all of the guidelines and instructions as it pertains to your project. Please know that you are not limited to what is listed in the guidelines. While there are a few project area specific things that should be included, you are not limited to just those items/topics. We encourage you to be creative in how you present your project and share what you have learned.

The guidelines for the judging process can be found on the website here. These documents are listed on both the Member Resources & Special Interest Project Information and What’s New pages. Please review them and reach out to me with questions or concerns. You can access your project’s grid by clicking on the link next to your project’s name in the Flipgrid Project List that is attached or can be found on the website here. Once you reach the correct grid (project area), you will be able to select your project from the drop-down “topic” menu. Please note: No projects will be visible until July 12th. You can access the grid for your project now, but will be unable to access the project topic until the system opens on July 12th. The sample grid (flipgrid.com/licking4hsample) is open now for you to view. Some of our teen leaders will be recording sample videos over the next few days so please check back to view those videos.

Videos will be hidden until judging time and will NOT be available to the public. Members can share their own video by sharing the unique URL for their video directly with whoever they wish to see it. Once the judging process is completed, if members would like their video to be made public, I can do so at their request.

Our judges will be reviewing the project videos once the system closes on July 19th. Besides assigning a grade to each project, judges will also be able to select Superior, Honorable Mention, and State Fair Representative award winners.  Once the judging process is completed, we will post the results to the website as well as email the results to all families. Advisors can pick up their club’s ribbons at the Hartford Fair during booth construction times.

Should a member not wish to participate in our virtual project judging, but would like to have their project judged for completion, they may work with their advisor to set up a time for the advisor to review their project work. The advisor can award them a grade for their project, but they would not be eligible for any awards beyond that grade. Advisors must submit the member grade(s) to me by July 27th in order for those grades to be recognized at the fair. Any project entered at the fair not receiving a grade will be eligible for a participation ribbon and premium only.

As with any new process, there are likely to be some bumps along the way. Please reach out to me as you have questions or concerns or as you need assistance. As always, should there be a need for accommodation please just reach out to Lisa and me so that we can work through what would work best for your 4-H member. We want to ensure that anyone who wants to participate in this opportunity has the ability to do so.

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