Rabbit and Poultry Drive-thru Registration at Gate D1 and the Beef Barn

Date: July 11, 2020

Time: 8:00am -3:00pm on a first come first serve basis.

Please DO NOT line up prior to 7:30 AM.


  1. Enter the Fairgrounds from Croton Road at Gate D.
  2. Traffic will be one way from the Gate D parking lot entering the fairgrounds through Gate D1.
  3. Rabbit registration/tattooing and Poultry Banding will be drive-thru at Gate D1 and Beef Barn driveways.
  4. Please follow signage to keep traffic flow traveling and stay in your vehicle. Select and follow the line to your designated area.
  5. We will not have any walk-up tattoo/banding or registration areas.
  6. Only the exhibitor and up to two assistants allowed out of the vehicle to help with animals. Everyone else please stay in the vehicle.
  7. Face coverings (masks or shields) are strongly encouraged, but not required.
  8. Please use hand sanitizers prior to working with volunteers assisting with banding/registration.
  9. When you are done, please reload your animals and exit the area.
  10. If you must exit your vehicle for any reason, please practice social distancing as appropriate.

Poultry Drive thru Banding and Registration:

  • Poultry Banding Cost is $1.00 per entry, maximum cost of $6.00. CASH ONLY!
  • Poultry exhibitors and assistants will remain in their vehicles until it is their turn.
  • Enter at Gate D1 traveling one way into the fairgrounds on the driveway to line up. Please stay in line!
  • Each vehicle will be assigned a number to be placed on the windshield.
  • A bander and clerk will come to the vehicles in numeric order to record and band birds.
  • Only the exhibitor and 2 assistants out of the vehicle at time of banding.
  • Once your birds have been banded and recorded, the clerk will take payment to the cashier. Please have exact change. No cards accepted!
  • Once payment transaction complete please exit the line in a one way fashion.

  Drive thru Rabbit Registration and Tattooing:

  • Enter at Gate D1, when entering the Beef Barn select the proper drive-thru lane based on the information below:
    • Registration Only (for exhibitors with ALL rabbits already tattooed)
      • Example: All your rabbits have a tattoo in the left ear: Select Registration Only line.
      • Even if the rabbit has a tattoo and previously exhibited at The Hartford Fair, you are still required to register the rabbit each year.
    • Needs Tattooed (for exhibitors with ANY rabbits that need tattooed)
      • Example: You have 1 rabbit already tattooed and 1 rabbit that is not, select the Needs Tattooed line.
      • Example: None of my rabbits have been tattooed, select the Needs Tattooed line.
      • All Market Rabbits to be tattooed will be assigned a tattoo.
      • Breeding rabbits that need tattooed, please be prepared with your tattoo info.
      • Tattoos are $1.00 per rabbit, CASH ONLY!
    • Only the exhibitor and 2 assistants to be out of the vehicle when handling rabbits.
    • Exhibitors bring your completed rabbit registration form to keep transactions moving. Rabbit Registration Form can  be found here.
      • If you forget your registration form we will have some available day of registration.
    • Once your rabbits have been tattooed, the clerk will take payment to the cashier. Please have exact change. No cards accepted!
    • Once payment transaction or registration is complete please exit the line in a one way fashion through the fairgrounds.

Pre-Fair Updates and Reminders:

Buyer Thank You Signs 2020 Guidelines:

  • Buyer Thank You Signs are permitted to be constructed on a half poster board sheet (14”X 22”).
  • No wooden, metal, vinyl, or full poster board size signs permitted to be hung in the barn.
  • No club decorations permitted in the barn.
  • Exhibitors will turn in Buyer Thank You Signs to the Fair Board during the show (Poultry on Sunday or Rabbits on Monday).
  • The Fair Board will hang ALL signs after the show and dispose of signs after the fair. Buyer Thank You Signs will NOT be returned to the exhibitors.


  • No stalling for 2020. All shows are haul-in for rabbits and poultry.
  • There will NOT be cages available on day of show for use.
  • Market exhibitors will take their project home after the show.

There will NOT be a packer truck this year for rabbits or poultry.

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