Support 4-H Camp Ohio!

Do you love 4-H Camp Ohio? Are you missing camp? This is a great way to help: 4-H Camp Ohio Buckeye Funder
The 4-H Camp Ohio Buckeye Funder was created as an emergency response to unprecedented COVID-19 needs. How are you giving back in honor of your own camp experience? Share and inspire others to give together, even when we’re apart.
  • Now more than ever, 4-H Camp Ohio needs your support. As a result of these challenging times, the income loss from camp closures may be more than we can withstand. Your gift today helps us to make it through this storm to welcome campers back next summer.
  • For nearly a century, 4-H Camp Ohio has helped to grow leaders and make the best better. Show your camp love by supporting our camp to ensure we are still here next year to welcome our 4-H youth and continue the tradition of excellence.

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