Hartford Fair Junior Fair Quality Assurance Test-Out Option

If you are enrolled in a Livestock Project, are at least 12 years of age (as of 01.01.2020), and have not yet completed a Quality Assurance training / certification in 2020, then you may be interested in this information! Please read on…

Licking County 4-H / FFA members (ages 12+) are being offered the opportunity to Test-Out of QA training for 2020. The test is offered in an online format, with the member being given just one chance to pass. For those ages 12-14 who pass the exam, the Test-Out serves as their QA training for just 2020… But, for those youth ages 15-18 who pass the Test-Out, this will satisfy their QA requirement for the rest of their 4-H / FFA career (no additional QA trainings will be required).

Before you decide if this option is for you, let me give several details that will be important:

PLEASE read the following details carefully, and completely – as they will answer several questions…

  • The Test Out option is intended for those advanced members who already have a firm grasp of QA concepts. There is no training provided, nor a review session. The test assumes that the member has a good understanding of both their project book and resource book (or resource list provided in book), in advance of taking the test.
  • For the older members who wish to test out of their remaining years of QA, they only take one test, either small or large animal, regardless of how many different species they show.
  • Member must complete survey (link provided below) to sign up for the date / time of their choosing (there are currently EIGHT available). Survey is open for you to sign up from April 24th to May 1st.
    • When you register for a test session, you must also choose the test version that you prefer to take: SMALL ANIMAL (poultry and rabbit) or LARGE ANIMAL (beef, dairy, goat, sheep and swine).
    • Your age will determine which version of the test you take. For large and small animal, there are two test versions – one for ages 12-14, and one for those ages 15-18.
  • Each testing session is limited to just 20 individuals. As sessions fill, they will not display as a choice in the survey. If all eight sessions fill, additional sessions will be offered the following week.
  • Each member must provide a unique email address. Multiple members from the same family must each provide a different / unique email address, as the test results are tied to an email, and cannot be used by more than one person wishing to take the test.
  • After you complete the survey to register for a session, you will receive two emails… (hold on to these instructional links for later, as you’ll need them)
    • The first email will direct you to set-up a CFAESCanvas account (free and easy!). This is the platform on which you will complete the test. This set-up should take place in advance of the testing session.
      • Instructions for CFAESCanvas account sign up and use are shown via YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL2453wCRoY
      • The second email you receive will be a link to the test. You are encouraged to try out that link in advance of your scheduled testing time, to ensure that you are able to access the site and individual test.
        • Additional details in understanding the link to the test can be found in the following YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL2453wCRoY
        • You will not be able to see or start the test at this point… You can only begin the test once you have logged in to the testing session and receive a code from me. That code allows the test to open up for you to begin.
  • How the testing session will work: While the member is logged in to CFAESCanvas to access the test, the member will also join a virtual Zoom meeting with me (must use both sound and video), so that I can proctor the exam (observe them while taking the exam). This means that they must have the ability to connect with video through their computer or device. We realize that this may be difficult for some, but it is essential to the process… Depending upon the number of devices available within a household, if multiple members within the family wish to take the test, they may want to sign up for different testing session times.
  • A parent / guardian must be present with the member, throughout the testing session. They may provide technical support, but may not assist the member with the exam questions in any way.

If you are interested in signing up for a Test Out session, please visit the following link between April 24th and May 1st: https://go.osu.edu/lickingcountyqatestout2020

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